I am an avid consumer, and love writing e-commerce content. Here are a few of the many ads and product reviews I've written.


While a great deal of my earlier work for StackCommerce carries my byline, most of what I've been writing for them the last few months has been placed on tech magazine websites under the company's brand. However, I have been notified multiple times that one of my pieces was among the top 5 producers in a given month. 

For instance, I wrote one in June 2022 that had a conversion rate of 26.47% and performed 22% better than other content featuring the same product.

The original can be found on the ZDNet website.


I  write reviews for the Scouted section of the Daily Beast. Here is one for the Clef du Vin that you can see on their website.


You will find a roundup I did about travel bathroom products on TheDiscoverer.com.


This ad is for a variety of tech security services. The entire piece may be found on SFGate.com.