I wrote the script for the 30 second video on this page, as well as the text. You can watch it on the client's website. A great deal of the text was also used in an email sent to a list of non-profit organizations, which you may see below.

Voiceover Scripts

These are voiceover scripts I've written for the clients of an agency. I wasn't given the name of the client, so I have no links to the actual videos.

I was asked to create 30-second versions of 2-minute scripts. You may see the original length versions by clicking on the titles.

TikTok Script

TikTok is a fun app with lots of entertaining content. Unfortunately, China is collecting facial scans, voice prints, social connections and more. Click here to find out free techniques to enjoy TikTok safely. You’ll learn:

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What to do if TikTok is already installed

How to get your digital identity back, prevent further data collection and more

Simply click now to learn, at no cost to you, how to enjoy TikTok without exposing private information. Script is a good place to research your family’s history, but hackers have been using it to collect sensitive family details, facial scans, device IDs and more. Click now for our free guide to learn:

How your sensitive data is collected and permanently stored in Russia and China.

Whether your data has been leaked, how to get your digital identity back and more.

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Review Script

I was asked to create a 5-minute review script for Avast SecureLine VPN that would be similar to a video review for a similar product, using information from the official website. Since one of the Cons in the original review was the VPN's monthly price being expensive at $8.99, and SecureLine VPN starts at $3.99, I didn't feel that factor could be included. So I substituted a different issue that was mentioned other reviews.


Today I'll be looking at Avast SecureLine VPN.

In this video, I'll go through the major points of my full SecureLine VPN review, which you can see at For more details, just click on the link you see in the description. Now we will take a look at SecureLine VPN's strengths and weaknesses, but first, a quick overview.

SecureLine VPN is a favorite provider because it offers privacy and security protection at a low cost, it’s quite easy to use and extremely fast. Since it doesn’t slow down internet connection speeds the way that many VPNs do, that makes it an excellent tool for torrenting, as well as streaming. That speed, combined with servers and locations worldwide, allows for enjoyable access to streaming services no matter where the user is connecting from.

There are a couple of factors that some users might consider drawbacks. SecureLine VPN’s servers are in slightly fewer countries than some of its competitors, and monthly subscription plans aren’t available. However, it’s also worth noting that both of these are handled in a way that most users will find perfectly satisfactory.

Now let's take a closer look at the details.

One of the primary reasons for using a VPN is to keep a user's data safe, and SecureLine VPN is one of the most secure services on the market. With just one click, its cybersecurity features can protect your internet connection with bank-grade encryption.

Another priority for users is protecting their privacy. SecureLine VPN doesn’t keep logs of websites visited or apps used. It also stops third-parties from tracking your online activities, protecting it from hackers, employers and everyone else

A great many users want VPN services in order to stream content which might not otherwise be available to them, due to their location. But some streaming services, such as Netflix, block VPNs for that very reason. SecureLine VPN’s users, however, have no difficulty accessing that content by connecting through its US servers.

Of course, a VPN which slows down internet connection speeds will make viewing that content far less enjoyable. That’s why SecureLine VPN’s speedy connections are very much appreciated. These same speeds make it an excellent tool for torrenting.

Now let’s take a look at factors that might be perceived as drawbacks.

If SecureLine VPN serves slightly fewer countries than some other platforms, it must be noted that users can access countries in Africa and South America, which are usually ignored by other VPNs. They can also connect to countries that have repressive internet policies, such as Russia, China and Turkey.

Another important difference is that many services employ virtual servers, which have locations that are configured with software, while SecureLine VPN owns all of its own servers and they are physically located in the countries indicated.

While Avast does not offer monthly subscription plans, the monthly price of $4.99 when buying a year’s subscription is an excellent value. And that value is even better when buying 2 or 3 year subscriptions with monthly prices of $3.99. Also, Avast offers users a free trial, so they can experience all of the advantages of SecureLine VPN before committing to a long-term subscription.

In the current market, it's very difficult to find a reasonably priced, yet effective VPN which doesn't slow down internet connection speeds. But that is exactly what SecureLine VPN offers.

Users will appreciate the privacy and security features. It's quick connections are great for torrenting and more than enough for enjoyable streaming.

There is no question that the level of protection and convenience that SecureLine VPN offers for 5 devices, at just $3.99 or $4.99 a month, is hard to beat.